Me Bernard Côté

T. (514) 360-0948
F.(514) 842-5913


Bernard is a lawyer since 1992. His practice has developed in family law and real estate law. His skills revolve around complex, arduous subjects, requiring knowledge, strategies and psychology. Whether it is income determination, parental alienation, custody, alimony, global sums, family patrimony, his experience is at your service.
In real estate law, whether it be hidden defects, molds, contaminated land, real estate brokerage, mortgage claims, construction law, his advice and abilities will accompany you.
He will work with rigor and ingenuity, and a solid touch of humanity.
Bernard is called to plea in various judicial districts from Trois-Rivières to Sherbrooke, while being based in Montreal.
Bernard is a member of the board of directors of the Quebec Family Law Association for more than ten years and keeps himself informed of the latest developments.
Finally, Bernard is fluent in French and English.

Academic Backgrounds
  • Bachelor of Law, Montreal University, 1991
  • Member of the Bar of Province of Quebec, 1993
  • Member of the Bar of Montreal, 1993
  • Member of the Bar of Province of Quebec, 1993
  • Member of the bar of Montreal, 1993
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Association des Avocates et Avocats en Droit de la Famille du Québec, 2006
  • French and English